UEAU - Usenet Explorer Automatic Updater 0.53
This is an automatic updater for Usenet Explorer http://www.usenetexplorer.com

Some forum links with info and source code: AutoHotkeys forum and UEs forum

Now there is an included installer so you can run it directly and it will ask
where to install or you can place it in the same directory(folder) as Usenet
Explorer's ue.exe file, and disable UEs built in update check.

The idea is to run my updater instead of ue.exe and it will check if there is a
new version of UE and optionally install it, or you can use it separately.

If you want to use a different database you need to specify the database path
when you install or after UEAutoUpdater.exe in an shortcut or when running
directly, the same way you would run ue.exe.

You can change same settings in the .ini file, which is created the first time
you run it.

AutoRun=true : This setting can be changed to false if you don't want to run UE
               automatically, useful if you want to check for updates only.

Ask=true     : Change to false if you don't want a question about updating, the
               update will happen automatically.

DBPath=      : If this is blank the default database is used in UE otherwise
               put the database you want to use.
DeleteUEzip= : This setting determines if the .Zip file the update comes in is
             : deleted after the update, change to false if you want to keep.

UnPackPath=  : The unpacker and setting used to unpack the update, is asked the
UnPackParam= : first time you run the updater.

Whats new:
0.53 : 2010-05-21
       Updated to use Usenet Explorers new download url.

0.52 : 2009-09-15
       Updated to use Usenet Explorers new installer name (32bit for now).

0.51 : 2008-11-09
       Updated to use Usenet Explorers new installer.

0.50 : 2008-10-31
       Basically the same version as 0.40 but better support for Vista and non
       beta so it downloads directly from UEs website.
       Now if you have UAC active in Vista you should not get a "Unknown program"
       warning anymore.
0.40 : 2008-10-25
       I consider this a beta as I have added a lot of stuff so there is higher
       risk for bugs, also the Updater won't check or download updates directly
       from UEs website.
       I have made the program selfinstalling, including an option to add a
       shortcut on the desktop.
       Now it doesn't unnecessarily download and install a new UE if you already
       have the latest version.
       Now it will ask if you want to use an alternative database in UE.
       Choosing not to install an update, won't show prompt next start.
       Added more error checking and optimized the code some more.

0.31 : 2008-10-24
       In Vista UE Updater had a problem giving UeExtractor.exe wrong name when
       extracting ue.exe, and the update would fail, that should now be fixed.

0.30 : 2008-10-21
       If you run UE from different directorys then UeExtractor.exe would show
       the last directory you updated now it shows the right one.

0.25 : 2008-10-20
       Now you can send a parameter to UE to open a specific database. Updated the icon again.

0.20 : 2008-05-30
       Main feature added: Now the updater can update itself. Added some error
       checking. Updated the icon.

0.10 : 2008-05-23
       Added "DeleteUEzip" option in the .ini file to control if the .zip file
       the update comes in is deleted or not, some of the code simplified.

0.00 : 2006-05-28
       First version released.